About Us

Hojas (pronounced “OH-häs”) is a different type of art space. We believe that to best engage the public in interacting with art, we must bring the art to the public. It is our desire to remove barriers that exist between the public and art. Our gallery is located in the public space of True Vine Church. This space is dedicated to exposing the public to different kinds of art, artist talks, and even artist workshops. Our first and primary goal is to reach the public viewing audience that comes in regular contact with the art displayed. We commit to displaying art that is family friendly and accessible to our viewers.

We work with each spotlight artist in a unique way. Our focus with every artist relationship is to involve them in the entire process from the promotional media to the details of the opening event. Their fingerprint is on every step of the process. Each featured artist is encouraged to take control of their own art and display environment to best communicate their vision. Hojas welcomes the role of testing grounds for artists who might want to try something completely new or experiment within their medium. We welcome fresh thoughts and out of the box thinking. Artist must not feel nailed down to who they have been as an artist when exhibiting with us.

Hojas is a part of True Vine Church that engages artists and the public alike in a relationship. We believe that it is important to have an open ongoing dialog with the artist as well as the public. Our church seeks to become a place where both meet and interact with each other. Art is one of the most important forms of communication and yet the most neglected in today’s world.